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Ministry and Fellowship Groups exist to provide opportunities for service, spiritual growth and developing relationships with other Christians. These groups, open to both members of Immanuel UCC and non-members, have no membership fees.  All are blessed with active lay leadership, laughter and fun.  As you explore the links below, consider participating in one of these groups. You'll find yourself having fun as you serve Christ.

Dorcas Ministry Group


The Dorcas Ministry Group meets over dinner in homes to discuss and plan service opportunities.  From assembling housewarming kits for those leaving Harbor House Domestic Violence Shelter to serving a snack at the Fox Cities Emergency Shelter, this group of women seeks to make a difference.  They take their name from Acts 9:36 where the Apostle Paul describes Dorcas as a woman devoted to good works and acts of charity.  Contact Person: Ellen Miller

Phoebe Ministry Group


The Phoebe Ministry Group visits those who are homebound and residing in nursing homes, along with sending seasonal cards to those who need a little lift.  Visits are always accompanied with eating out at a local restaurant, combining both ministry and fellowship.  This group takes its name from Phoebe who is mentioned by the Apostle Paul as a deaconess in the early church (Romans 16:1).  Contact Person: Arlene Bentley

Inclusivity Group

The Inclusivity Group meets once a month to discuss and implement ways to be a community of Christians who strive to live in openness to the voice of a Still Speaking God. We celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of each expression of God’s diverse family recognizing our oneness in Christ. 

We are proud to celebrate our differences and affirm the dignity of all people. We are, all of us, called by Christ, for the sake of love, to be love in this faith community and in all the world. You are welcome here as you are. Contact Person: Mary Beduhn

Bell Choir


The Bell Choir meets for rehearsal and performs in church one Sunday a month. Prior experience ringing bells, reading music or counting is not necessary as our talented director helps with this. This is a group known for their dedication and having fun. Contact Person: Janine Barnhart

Chime Choir


Formed in 2010, the Chime Choir is ideal for families.  Open to children as young as eight (accompanied by an adult), we have grandparent/grandchild and parent/child combinations along with singles and couples.  A fun and lively group that doesn't take themselves too seriously best describes this group.  Contact Person: Janine Barnhart

Vocal Choir

The Choir meets every Wednesday from 6:00-7:0 p.m. (Sept.-May) for rehearsal and performs in church occasionally.  Contact Person: Janine Barnhart

Fellowship Team


The Fellowship Team coordinates activities to help us play together.  Their motto, "Better Bonding at Immanuel", lifts up their ministry of helping us develop and maintain healthy relationships with other Christians.  Some of their activities include a Fall Packer Party, a Summer Outdoor Worship Service with Brat Fry, a Family Bingo Party, and a Timber Rattler Game.  Contact Person: 

Worship Design Team

The Worship Design Team uses visual forms of art and decoration to help engage our senses in the worship experience. From a simple banner to a fully decorated wedding arch, this team works hard to help us experience God in new ways. Contact Person: Mary Borree 

Samaritan Counseling

Samaritan Counseling holds counseling sessions in our facility every week. For more information about Samaritan counseling, click on this link or call (920)886-9319

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