Stay Safe Protocols for indoor Sanctuary Worship               1st & 3rd Sundays at St. John/2nd & 4th Sundays at Immanuel

Please prayerfully consider worshiping at home using Facebook Live
if you are not fully vaccinated or are not comfortable with the protocols.

Entering and exiting the building…

            Please enter and exit ONLY through the 6th Street doors.

In the Narthex…

  • Hand Sanitizer, PLEASE USE IT

  • For your safety and the safety of others, wearing face masks is required at this time. Bring your own OR there are disposable masks available.

  • Please sign your name on the sign-in sheet.

  • No bulletins will be available in the Narthex at this time. The bulletin for Sunday will be available on Constant Contact the previous Friday if you would like to print it out and bring it with you. The service will be projected on the screen.

  • Offering plates will be available on the table.

    • Physical collection will NOT occur during the service.

  • Communion will take place on the second Sunday of the month. Packets with the elements will be in a basket on the table, or you are welcome to bring your own elements.

    • Physical service of the elements will NOT occur during the service.

In the Sanctuary…

  • Social Distancing (6 ft.) is required…of course, your family group may sit together! Please maintain a safe distance in all directions from other family groups and only use the marked pews. The “Sharing of the Peace” portion of the service will NOT take place.

  • Children’s Message

    • There will be a children’s message, however, we ask that children remain in the pews with their parents.

  • Responsive/Unison Reading and Singing

    • Will be done as usual, but from a seated position. Hymn lyrics will be projected on the screen. We will not be using hymnals.

  • Vocal choir music is not anticipated at this time.

  • Please stay seated through the Postlude. Pastor Lynn will NOT stand near the rear of the sanctuary greeting people. There will not be a Fellowship time following the service.

  • Joys and concerns will be shared verbally. Please speak up so Pastor Lynn can hear you accurately.

Departing the Sanctuary and Building…

  • Please use the provided wipes in your pew to wipe down places that were touched.

  • Please exit the church by pew, beginning at the back of the church.

  • Please continue to wear face masks, refrain from physical contact and maintain good social distancing.

  • Please place disposable masks (if used) and Communion element package in the trash container located in the Narthex.